Food Safety

At FreshPoint Raleigh we have an unwavering commitment to food safety and sanitation and we continually strive to raise the standards of excellence for others to follow. Our customers trust FreshPoint Raleigh to provide them with the safest produce grown and produced. We respect and earn that trust every day. "Food safety is Priority One" to safeguard our products and our customers here’s what we’re doing in our facilities:
  • Absolutely unbroken cold chain throughout our refrigerated and environmentally-controlled facilities and distribution system. This cold chain is monitored from the beginning by checking all inbound trucks for proper trailer temperature, using pulp thermometers to ensure product temperatures are within tolerance.
  • A variety of products require different temperature, humidity and ethylene-controlled zones for holding. Our facilities have been modified specifically for perishable foodservice distribution, ensuring complete cold chain protection, food safety, sanitation, security systems and operational efficiencies.
  • Third party food safety inspections. We hold the highest rating possible with American Institute of Baking, the nationally recognized leader in the food service inspection industry with over 75 years of experience. Their audits include food safety, pest control, employee practices, facility grounds and building condition. And their audits are always unannounced.
  • Complete HACCP program for all products entering and leaving our warehouse.
  • A detailed written and tested recall procedure.
  • Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice training for employees to govern the work flow and ensure quality and sanitation.
  • Sanitation schedule for facilities, property and fleet.
  • Monitored pest control programs.
  • Sourcing product from only proven and food safety trusted suppliers.
We deliver your fresh produce in clean, fully temperature controlled trucks that are sanitized on a routine schedule. Many trucks in our fleet use specially designed roll-up rear doors with load ramps. Ramping product off the truck prevents dropping and damaging product. All of our trucks have grooved floor beds to prevent water leakage from one product that would affect product stacked nearby. Our driver communication system includes instant communication between dispatch and drivers. Analysis of our truck tracking information helps us improve delivery schedules, productivity, resulting in on-time deliveries for our customers. All of our friendly and professional drivers are fully licensed, bonded and in uniform.

The bottom line is simple: Produce that's fresh... stays fresh.

More Features

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  • Detailed and Summarized Usage Reports
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